BooHoo rocketing

BooHoo has seen some of it’s strongest growth in years with a massive spike in sales which has seen it jump to sales of 67 million pounds. This marks an increase of 132 percent year on year.

Not only has sales increased but profit has also jumped massively from 249,000 pounds up to 3.2 million pounds. This strong result shows that BooHoo is faring well against it’s biggest competitor and fellow British company, ASOS.

BooHoo has reported a greater amount of success internationally with sales from international sources jumping from a reasonable 2.9 million pounds up to a massive 23.5 million pounds. This great result means that international sales now account for over 35 percent of the company’s overall revenue.

BooHoo is determined to stay focused on their core business and will try to strive for the same goals that have given them so much success so far.


VistaPrint signs deal with Tradedoubler

One of the biggest printing companies in the world, VistaPrint, is expanding into more and more areas of business globally.

The latest deal that they have done is with Tradedoubler. They are hoping this partnership will expand their sales in the affiliate market space. Many affiliate partners are helping greatly in the expansion of VistaPrint in that they advertise VistaPrint on their websites. Many also offer a VistaPrint coupon to consumers to get people to give them a go.

The deal with TradeDoubler means that VistaPrint will go through one channel for their affiliate marketing, thereby consolidating and improving efficiencies.

Tradedoubler will be responsible for helping VistaPrint with their marketing purposes and offers to partners.

VistaPrint is a relatively young business being opened in 1995 however it’s innovation and efficiencies has helped it become one of the biggest small to medium business printers in the world. It’s revenue in 2012 hit $1 billion for the first time.


How a mirrorless camera works

The mirrorless DSLR is expected to revive digital camera sales and the manufacturer that can take an early lead in this area is expected to do very well from it.

The point of the mirrorless system is to allow a DSLR to maintain all the features that it has but remove the bulk that comes with it. The main bulk of a regular DSLR is due to the mirror system within it.

The mirrorless camears have a number of advantages over a regular DSLR including less cost to build and less parts required.

The main disadvantage of a mirrorless sytem is that you cannot see the photo target directly through the lens. To see what you are shooting, the camera needs to convert the image onto the sensor and this may cause a slight delay in what you are seeing. The autofocus is also generally a bit slower on a mirrorless sytem.

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